With every family. For every child.

Join the Every Child campaign to help Australia’s children soar.

For healthy development, children need life to stay on an even keel: strong support, stable relationships, and a safe place to call home. But right now, children and young people are being harmed because we don’t give families stability and support when children need it most.

When support for families isn’t available early, problems get worse and our children and young people pay the highest price. Experiencing hardship and toxic stress in childhood causes lifelong harm to children, young people, their loved ones, and our society.

We believe that every child can grow up thriving, when families get the right support, at the right time.

Every Child is a soon to be launched national campaign that aims to build a movement calling on Government to redesign our systems so that children, young people and their families get the right support at the right time with properly funded services and early support so that every child can thrive.

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