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With every family.

The community around parents, and the support available to them, is hugely important to healthy child development. For families experiencing poverty and stress, raising children can be like sailing in rough waters. Just as we provide lighthouses and safe harbours, we can help parents with services like counselling, quality child care and financial support.

Find out how we can support families better.

For every child. 

The best foundation any country can have is healthy, safe, well-educated children and young people who are confident in themselves and their future. But right now, children and young people are being harmed because we don’t give families stability and support when children need it most. We can and must do better for our children and young people. 

Find out how we can support children better.

Take Action

Has your workplace pledged with the Every Child Alliance?

We pledge:

To make sure every child and young person gets what they need to develop well; strong supports, stable relationships and a safe place to call home. 

We commit to strive for an Australia where all families can gain the support, services and skills they need, when they need them. 

Why do we need a campaign for Every Child?

We know that for healthy development, children need life to stay steady: strong support, stable relationships, and a safe place to call home. 

But right now, children and young people are being harmed because we don’t give families stability and support when children need it most. Too many children and young people are neglected or harmed; live in poverty and hardship; are placed in out of home care and youth justice centres, and do not meet the developmental milestones in health and education. 

It's time we recognised that the best national foundation Australia can have is healthy, safe, well-educated children and young people who are confident in themselves and their future.


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How can we #buildbackbetter for #everychild?


  1. Continue the National Cabinet

  2. Elevate the wellbeing and prosperity of children and young people with increased investment in infrastructure for children and young people

  3. Implement an Every Child Support Guarantee

  4. Large scale national roll-out of Early Years Centres

  5. Invest in a 20 year nation-building Affordable Housing Strategy

  6. Report annually on a Prosperous Children Report Card


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18 June 20

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19 May 20

The Time For Action Is Now

Together - we can build back better.

One of the most remarkable features of 2020 has been the revelation that we have not lost that most fundamental of skills in liberal democracy: the ability to listen and to adapt to feedback. I watch in real time as changes are made to policies on advice from groups that would previously have been lined up on the other side of an ideological war. We will need this skill more than ever in the recovery phase.

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