Time to think big about child wellbeing

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27 August 2019


National Launch of Child Wellbeing movement across Australia

A steering committee of 20+ organisations is calling on governments to think big about promoting the wellbeing of children and young people in Australia to initiate the most significant and valuable nation-building project that has ever been undertaken – the Every Child National Wellbeing Commitment.

Dr Kirsty Nowlan, Co-Chair, Every Child Campaign, said: ‘The wellbeing of every child and young person in Australia must be elevated as a national priority. The best national foundation any country can have is healthy, safe, well-educated children and young people who are confident in themselves and their future.’

‘The aim of the campaign is to bring awareness and accountability for all Australians to ensure children and young people get the best start in life.’

As part of the Every Child National Wellbeing Commitment, the Every Child alliance is on a mission to achieve 7 headline targets for action.

  1. Increase by 20% in 10 years the number of children who are developmentally ‘on track’ in their first year of full-time school.
  2. Reduce the number of children in out of home care by 20% in 10 years.
  3. Eliminated the over-representation in rates of notification of child abuse or neglect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in 10 years.
  4. Increase by 20% in 10 years the number of children and young people from low income families living in stable and affordable housing.
  5. Increase by 20% in 10 years the investment in early support and prevention as a proportion of overall child and family support service funding in regional and major cities across Australia.
  6. Reduce by 20% in 10 years the number of children and young people living in poverty.
  7. Reduce by 20% in 10 years the rate of youth suicide.

‘Too many children and young people do not have stable foundations. Help comes too late and problems get worse. Our community and governments can think big and think differently so that children, young people and families get the right support at the right time. We think of big bridges and roads as important nation-building projects, but what can be better than a big investment in early support and prevention of problems before they arise. We need to come together to ensure our future generations are supported and nurtured in the right environment to meet developmental milestones.’ Every Child Co-Chair Simon Schrapel said.

The campaign advocates that the foundations for children and young people’s wellbeing are that they are able to access quality health care and education, secure housing and income, personal safety and self-confidence.

The Every Child campaign is building its coalition of organisations and individuals across Australia with expertise and commitment to advancing a public health approach to the wellbeing of children, young people and families. Already 1,871 individuals have signed up to support the movement during its pre-launch period. We invite Members of Parliament to pledge support for the future wellbeing of children and young people by signing the Every Child pledge.

For more information about the Every Child campaign visit: www.everychild.co





The Benevolent Society

M: 0421-761-332 (Lisa Hresc) / 0413-995-189 (Jon Abbott)

E: lisa.hresc@benevolent.org.au; jon.abbott@benevolent.org.au


Every Child is a national advocacy campaign spearheaded by The Benevolent Society that aims to promote the wellbeing of children and young people, and is. We are determined. We know that with strong support, stable relationships, and a safe place to call home every child and young person can thrive. This means supporting families to navigate tough times. We recognise the leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders across the country to advance the interests of their children, young people and families. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are removed from their families at ten times the rate of non-Indigenous children, this is a national shame and Every Child is committed to supporting the self-determination and advocacy work of our First Nations people as they work to ensure their children and young people have the opportunity to grow up well cared for and safe in family and community. Australia's children need us to get this right, and we can.


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