A nation-building priority – the success and safety of every child and young person

Media Statement

10 May 2021

Every Child, a coalition of 80+ non-government organisations is calling on the Morrison Government, in the Federal Budget, to prioritise child and youth wellbeing as a nation-building strategy as we recover from COVID-19.

We encourage our colleagues in services and public supporters to demand that the Federal Government invest in children and young people as a nation-building priority. It is good for kids and good for the economy.

Budgets are a statement of a government’s priorities and plans. There can be no greater priority than setting every child up for a life of success and safety.

We know that 1:6 children live in poverty and 1:5 children do not start school ready to learn. These children are at high risk of lagging behind. The evidence shows these are children who are at high risk of poor social, economic and health outcomes as they move through school and into adult life

In Tuesday’s Budget we urge the Morrison Government to ensure that every child and young person is supported to achieve a good life. Increased investment in social housing, income support, early learning and early years support, and more are all invaluable investments in the prosperity of children and our nation.




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Every Child is a coalition of 80+ organisations advocating for children and young people to be a nation-building priority. Spearheaded by The Benevolent Society we know that with strong support, stable relationships, and a safe place to call home every child and young person can thrive. This means supporting families to navigate tough times. We recognise the leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders across the country to advance the interests of their children, young people and families. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are removed from their families at ten times the rate of non-Indigenous children, this is a national shame and Every Child is committed to supporting the self-determination and advocacy work of our First Nations people as they work to ensure their children and young people have the opportunity to grow up well cared for and safe in family and community. Australia's children need us to get this right, and we can.


Every Child