05 June 20

Children Need Access To Quality Child Care

Letter To The Hon. Dan Tehan, Education Minister

RE: Children need access to quality child care - maintain FREE CHILDCARE and REDESIGN the early years child development system beyond COVID-19

20 May 20

Every Child - Beyond COVID19

A New Nation-Building Commitment: Let’s #buildbackbettertogether for children and young people. NATION-BUILDING infrastructure to build secure and resilient children and young people beyond COVID-19.

25 October 19

Engaging with Children, Young People and Families

The Every Child campaign is calling for the wellbeing of children and young people to be elevated as a national priority in Australia.

19 August 19

Child Wellbeing Diagram

Together, we can improve children’s futures.

19 August 19

Advancing a Public Health Approach to Child Wellbeing and Safety

What is a public health approach to the wellbeing and safety of children, young people and families?

19 August 19

The Every Child National Wellbeing Commitment

The Every Child campaign – an alliance of organisations and individuals across Australia calls on governments to initiate the most significant and valuable nation-building project that has ever been undertaken – the Every Child National Wellbeing Commitment.