A collaboration between ANZSOG and Every Child - Leading for Every Child is building the connections, the capabilities, the ways of working to truly make a difference for children and young people. With leaders we are working together to build Australia's capacity for collaborative change.

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We know communities, families and economies prosper when all children are confident, safe and valued. Rather than fragmented programs, our vision is for children, young people and families to have well-co-ordinated, early access to supports across the breadth of services they need throughout their lives. Together we can make the needs of children and young people a nation-building priority.

"When our children thrive, our social and economic progress is assured. I commend the ANZSOG–Every Child partnership, and its important work to advance the wellbeing of Australia’s children and young people."

The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister of Australia

The evidence is compelling –the life chances and livelihoods of children can be improved markedly by: (i) 'bundling up’ support early to children and (ii) better integrating, rather than fragmenting support systems across health, education, housing and more. Major systems reform is required. Leaders with the vision and capability to be systems leaders are also required. This is why we are seeking to foster innovative systems leadership across government and the non-government sectors that ‘cuts through’ the persistent challenge that 20% of children do not start school ready to learn, and that many do not leave school ready for life and work.

“I commend ANZSOG and Every Child for your work to enhance systems leadership and the integration of government and non-government agencies who play a vital role in driving better outcomes for children and young people across Australia.”

Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria


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Summary: Systems Leadership for Child and Youth Wellbeing

Stage 1 Synthesis Report: Systems Leadership for Child and Youth Wellbeing



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