Statement in response to 2020 Federal Budget

Statement in response to 2020 Federal Budget

Media Statement

07 October 2020

The Every Child national alliance of 70 child and family service organisations is disappointed that no significant new investment to ensure that all children start school ready to learn is featured in the budget.

Leith Sterling, Co-Chair Every Child and Executive Director Child and Family, The Benevolent Society said: “This was a missed opportunity to build back better for every child by investing in a high-quality and universally accessible early learning and wrap-around support system”. The evidence is compelling – access to early years learning and supports through services like early years places, give children a great start in life.”

Construction is a clear winner with $14 billion for physical infrastructure projects. But what could be more important than building a stronger foundation for all children. Every Child alliance members have been calling for the wellbeing of children to be a nation-building priority.

The Australia Institute has shown universal early education makes good sense for the economy - that every $1m spent on child care creates on average 9.2 jobs, while the same funding in construction only creates about one job.  More importantly investment in early education, development and care has proven long term benefits for economic development and prosperity that ensures a payback for years to come.

Every Child Co-Chair and CEO Uniting Communities SA, Simon Schrapel AM said “It is also unacceptable to have tax cuts for the wealthy prioritised over income supports for families in hardship. Over 1 million children are now at risk of poverty when the coronavirus supplement ends in December. This budget has left behind the families who needed it most and we are now at risk of creating a more divided and unfair society than ever before.”

“Australia has been an international leader in its COVID-19 response. It is disappointing that Australia is not an international leader in wellbeing for children”.




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Every Child is a national advocacy campaign spearheaded by The Benevolent Society that aims to promote the wellbeing of children and young people, and is. We are determined. We know that with strong support, stable relationships, and a safe place to call home every child and young person can thrive. This means supporting families to navigate tough times. We recognise the leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders across the country to advance the interests of their children, young people and families. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are removed from their families at ten times the rate of non-Indigenous children, this is a national shame and Every Child is committed to supporting the self-determination and advocacy work of our First Nations people as they work to ensure their children and young people have the opportunity to grow up well cared for and safe in family and community. Australia's children need us to get this right, and we can.

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