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IT TAKES 6 for every child to start school ready to learn and every young person to leave school ready for life and work.

  1. Health – every child should live a healthy life physically, emotionally and mentally
  2. Learning – every child deserves access to high quality learning from the early years on
  3. Housing – every child should have the basics of living including a stable, secure home with a decent family income.
  4. Positive Identity – every child from every culture and background should be confident and respected
  5. Valued – every child deserves to be valued, loved and safe living free from abuse and neglect
  6. Participation – every child should be able to have say connected into family and community life

So how can you help? We want to hear your stories.

The more we hear from you the better we can advocate for a better system where everyone can thrive.

Was there a time when these 6 domains did not come together? We know it's easy for silos to occur and only one part of a child's life is considered. We need a wholistic approach because when fragmentation occurs our children fall through the cracks. Tell us your story.

Not sure what to say? Here are some suggestions:

  • Has the health system supported you or your children? Or failed them?
  • Can you tell us a story about a time when early learning or schooling was able to help? Or when it didn't?
  • Has a safe home been a haven for your family or has insecure housing meant your family has struggled to maintain a community and a safe place?
  • Have you been able to share your community and cultural practices with your children?

We will keep your story anonymous. However, we will contact you if there is an opportunity to share your story with decision-makers and ensure you're comfortable with that first.