16 August 19

Campaigning for Every Child

The Every Child campaign is a national movement launching Tuesday August 27th to ensure all children and young people can thrive because families are able to get the right support at the right time.

19 August 19

Opinion: Protecting vulnerable children – policy lessons from public health

The launch of the Every Child Campaign is an ideal opportunity to reignite the conversation about the more than 45,000 children who live in care in Australia today. This number is unacceptably large and it’s well-documented that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are the most significantly affected.

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Media Statement - 10 February 2020

EVERY CHILD RESPONSE TO CHILDREN'S RIGHTS REPORT RELEASED TODAY: Statement from Dr Kirsty Nowlan, Co-Chair, Every Child: “The Every Child national alliance urges all governments to act on the recommendations made by Commissioner Mitchell. “Governments view physical infrastructure – the building of bridges, roads, rail and ports – as a top priority. We say infrastructure to support children must be a top nation- building priority.

Media Release - 10 March 2020

CHILDREN AT THE HEART OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC STIMULUS: The looming threat of recession will impact harshly on children, young people and their families. Members of the Every Child alliance – an alliance of 50+ organisations across Australia – have met and agreed that the Federal Government must urgently roll-out an economic stimulus package that mitigates against the risk of deepening hardship and family stress.

Media Release - 27 August 2019

TIME TO THINK BIG ABOUT CHILD WELLBEING: A steering committee of 20+ organisations is calling on governments to think big about promoting the wellbeing of children and young people in Australia to initiate the most significant and valuable nation-building project that has ever been undertaken – the Every Child National Wellbeing Commitment.