On 1 July 2020, Every Child joined partners in the Australia Together group to host the inaugural National Community Recovery Summit. Attracting over 500 people from across Australia we are so grateful to everyone who joined to talk about building back better from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Weren’t able to join live? Watch our short video we made to celebrate the day.


What next?

The Summit focused on creating an integrated social and economic agenda for the future that encompasses work in three critical foundations of wellbeing: housing; employment; and early childhood.  Importantly it also considered the issues of the ‘how’ of this work - exploring ideas of localism and the importance of local communities directing and delivering projects locally.

In August the Australia Together group lodged a submission to the Federal Government based on policy 'asks' from the Summit Statements. Housing, jobs and skills, childhood development and local decision-making were front and centre in the submission.

Read the Australia Together Pre-Budget Submission